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What is your size of chopsticks?


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Have you ever used Japanese chopsticks?

If so, have you thought Japanese chopsticks are too small to use?

The reason you feel that the chopsticks are difficult to use is probably because your chopsticks are little bit too short.


(By the way, every time I travel to foreign countries,  I somehow feel things are bigger there. I guess you feel the other way around — things are smaller in Japan.)


What is your right size?

Did you know there is the right size, or “easy-to-use size”, of chopsticks?

Please take a look at the image below.



Normally in Japan, the sizes of chopsticks are 23cm (9.06 inch) for men and 21cm (8.27 inch) for women.


Longer chopsticks recommended.

Since in general Japanese people are a little bit smaller than foreign people, you may feel Japanese chopsticks are very small.


If you feel this size is not for you, longer chopsticks are good for you.

We offer 3 different longer sizes;

  • 24cm (9.45inch)
  • 25cm (9.84inch)
  • 26cm (10.24inch)


Please try various sizes in your hand, and know which size is the best for you.

I hope you will find your right size, and use at the table when you are back home.